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A reliable and low cost saving oneself wearable bracelet.

The Problem

Health: In case of emergencies, first responders must have instant access to vital medical information that could make the difference between life and death. People with chronic diseases in combination with specific medications and possible allergies to various drugs, need to wear a tap2SOS bracelet that informs paramedics about their condition in order to respond correctly.
A great solution regarding medical conditions such as diabetes, in case a severe hyperglycemic crisis occurs and leads to unconsciousness and incapability for communication.



The tap2SOS bracelet provides instant access to the identification of the wearer enabling first responders to communicate with relatives, care givers and authorities.
A great solution for the elderly, unaccompanied travelling children, disabled people, handicapped people, Alzheimer patients and many others in need of providing identification information "on the spot".



Need to provide personal information to security officers "at a tap"?  tap2SOS is the quickest and simplest way to relay it. The bracelet could also be used as a proximity key "mode" authorizing access to the bearer to electronically protected gates etc.


The Solution


tap2SOS is a reliable solution based on the 24X7 global availability of mobile telephony and wifi networks.
Tap2SOS is sealed,  waterproof,  has no moving parts or internal power source,  so it does not need battery replacement or charging. It is always available "on demand" and activated by a tap of a smartphone.



A simple IoT (internet of things) and M2M (machine to machine) device, a product developed according the latest technologies in Cloud computing,  mobile connectivity,  communications networks and smartphones.


Low cost:

A low cost wearable with high life saving capacity : tap2SOS!

Product details

Your tap2SOS is a sealed,  waterproof bracelet made of soft non-allergic rubber available in six sizes and six colours to fit all!
It is a zero energy and non-EMR emitting device without batteries and only activated by "a tap" to a smartphone.


Your personalized life supporting tap2SOS bracelet can be delivered at your doorstep for 25 euro (Europe mainland delivery and VAT included. For other regions please see details at Order now section)