Why choose TAP2SOS?

The Need

More than once in one’s lifetime, one person will come across someone in need of immediate help. It could be a child that got lost, or an elder in need.It could be someone having a crisis or even a stroke. While the scenarios are numerous, they all require immediate retrieval of specific medical data of a patient from another person (relative, paramedic, etc.) in a simple but secure way

The Answer

A reliable and low cost bracelet for documentation and retrieval of medical data using Blockchain technology. With a simple tap from a smartphone on a patient’s bracelet one can gain instant access to the following medical information of the patient: name -chronic diseases - allergies – medication - phone number of personal doctor. Thus, the Tap2sos bracelet allows immediate identification of the person wearing it and of any chronic health problems he or she may have while Blockchain technology safeguards all his/hers personal and sensitive data transparency and integrity and with full compliance with GDPR.

Easy access and data retrieval from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop pc equipped with NFC

Unlimited data capacity, with 100% personal medical blockchain data protection, as provided by Blockchain technology

Deal with the incident on-the-spot and in real-time, by connecting the patient directly with those who come for help

Fast data transfer with confidentiality and safety guaranteed by Blockchain technology and security protocols, as determined by the European Union

TAP2SOS Bracelet

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Works Forever.

Our Company: NewCo.

For [Greek and European citizens and internationally] who [need for their everyday’s actions and activities to be safe, convenient and affordable], [NewCo] provides [efficient and effective utilization of the blockchain and Internet of Thing technology] because [it can combine the knowledge and the accumulated experience with the innovation required for the development in the globalized exponential era]. NewCo will be the enabler of the Blockchain and Internet of Things revolution!

Manolis Chrysostalis

President of NewCo Tech

Garyfalia Plataniti

Project Manager


Konstantinos Tsiomos

Operations Executive

Entrit Metai

Lead Developer