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Tap2SOS As a Valuable Certificate for State Authorities

Date: 22/04/2020

The dramatic appearance of COVID-19 all around the world made us all to change our habits and even our entire life. At the same time both citizens and state-authorities come across new needs and obligations concerning especially the public health sector.

BLOCKCHAIN2050 BV, member of Aratos Group's Technologies, has created the Tap2SOS product, a bracelet / wristband, utilizing the capabilities of NFC (Near Field Communication), which can incorporate extremely important status information about the health of the wearer. For those who discover now Tap2SOS it’s important to know that it is a water resistant silicone bracelet that includes a non-energy-need (f.e. from battery) powered microchip. The original idea was to offer Tap2SOS in sensitive groups of the population, such as:

-Diabetes patients

-Patients suffering from severe allergies

-Patients with Alzheimer's

-Unaccompanied persons of all ages who cannot prove their identity

However, due to Tap2SOS software which has unlimited data capacity several additional epidemiological data can be included such as coronavirus immunity after the patient’s healing and also in the future when the vaccine will be created, the holder’s certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or any other vaccination against other potential illnesses may occur. Blockchain technology guarantees the personal data security according to GDPR. Now at a simple touch of a smartphone on the bracelet automatically opens the screen and provides information to authorities making the Tap2SOS a portable Health Certification for any authority. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THE TRAVELERS FOR EXAMPLE!

About us

Blockchain2050 BV is a dynamic SME that implements the latest improvements in Blockchain technology into secure and innovative solutions with the use of standard open source implementations and provide the needed transparency. Located in CIC Rotterdam the MIT business ecosystem the company is member of ARATOS Group. Blockchain2050 Offices in Athens,Greece and Sofia,Bulgaria. The founder Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos comes with more than 30 years of experience in the Information Technologies sector with leadership of many innovative solutions like internet applications using AI, space applications for society.

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